A) Erection Supervision

REAL TIME ENGINEERING employs a team of experienced erection professionals. By having an on-site representative, it ensures the work is being completed in accordance with the design and specifications. Our erection supervisors monitor the quality of erection, schedule, and manpower all while overseeing a safe job site.

An on-site representative means more open communication between the customer and RTEPL.

B) Installation

RTEPL has the capability of handling a wide range of projects ranging from small upgrades to turnkey plants. Utilizing our many years of experience, RTEPL has established a wide network of subcontractors which enables us to mobilize to job sites around the world.

During construction, safety is most important. RTEPL continuously observes and monitors all work being done. We work closely with our subcontractors and employees to ensure a safe working environment.

C) Service Contracts

RTEPL offers a full range of Electrical, Instrumentation & Automation services regardless of the original equipment manufacturer.

  • Operator training on specifically designed courses for training existing employees and newly hired employees alike.
  • Supply of project and construction supervision to ensure proper field installation for all proposed projects.
  • Commissioning/startup engineers for all project work.
  • Process Analysis, with its multiple disciplined engineers (Electrical, Instrumentation, Automation & Controls) offers evaluations of current operational/control practices for the process.
  • On-Site Inspections with areas of expertise as follows:
    • Repairs and upgrades to existing equipment
    • Safety evaluations and recommendations for corrective action
    • Energy audits to define potential areas for future savings
    • Inspection and recommendations for modifications to replace or improve existing equipment
    • Replace outdated instrumentation, electrical & automation.

Let Real Time Engineering Pvt. Ltd be of service to you.

D) Remote Support

We believe connecting with customers doesn't mean you have to be face to face. Consultants can often please their clients and take care of business through remote support.

We provide remote technology support to our customers using any system or device, anywhere and whenever required from our head Office, Kolkata, India.

E) On-Site Inspection

REAL TIME engineers welcome the opportunity to visit the customer's site and evaluate the current operations. Areas of expertise of our engineers are as follows :

  • Repairs and upgrades to existing equipment.
  • Safety revaluations and recommendations for corrective action.
  • Inspection and recommendations for modifications to replace or improve existing equipment.
  • Replace outdated instrumentation, electrical & automation.

F) Process Analysis

G) Repair / Upgrade

When a customer requires a repair to out dated equipment / system, regardless of the original manufacturer of the equipment, they call on REAL TIME ENGINEERS to provide timely, cost effective solutions to the problem. RTEPL also offers equipment and system modifications allowing the customer more production with a reduced energy usage while decreasing product losses.

You can rely on REAL TIME ENGINEERING to provide innovative solutions to your everyday maintenance problems.

H) Spare Parts

RTEPL offers spare parts for all of Electrical, Instrumentation & Automation equipments. Our OEM discounts allow us to offer very competitive pricing. Our extensive engineering archives make it possible to find the parts required for both new as well as existing systems.

For more information, mail us at realtime@realtimegroup.co.in

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