Wire and Rod Mill
RTEPL has successfully commissioned revamping of Automation System of Wire and Rod Mill at PT Gunnung Garuda, Indonesia in the year 2016. Automation System was converted and modified using Rockwell PLC from DOS based VME and Rockwell PLC5 system into latest Control Logix PLC system.
Main Features of Automation System:
  1. Rockwell Control Logix 1756-L72 non redundant CPUs
  2. High Speed Ethernet Ring network for inter PLC communication between 8 PLCs distributed in 4 separate part of the mill.
  3. Separate IBA network for continuous monitoring of system parameter in IBA system.
  4. Centralized common HMI system for all four area and PLCs of the mill.
Process and Program features :
  1. Continuous, High Speed, no stop rolling mill.
  2. Stand speed synchronization.
  3. 5 Loopers and 3 Shears control.
  4. Stelmore Speed and Binding of coils control.
  5. Binding OMV control.
  6. Separate program for each section of the mill.
  7. Level-1 shift wise Report generation
  8. Production and Delay report Generation.
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